The Professional Speaker

A dynamic, effective, and popular speaker who helps people remove the obstacles that interfere with their success and overcome the obstacles that suck the life out of them, Dr. Marc Tinsley has been an active member of the National Speakers Association and served as president of the Pittsburgh Chapter of NSA. His funny and informative presentations deliver practical information and audience members leave with actionable items that they can put into practice right away. In informative, inspirational, and entertaining speaker, he is a hit with audiences from all types of associations, schools, and businesses. His interactive and amusing style engages the audience, helping them feel comfortable as he delivers supportive and practical messages to help them build resiliency, increase energy, improve productivity, maximize performance, and achieve excellence.

The Popular Author

In addition to being an in-demand professional speaker, Dr. Tinsley is a creative and talented writer and author. His knack for analogies which connect the know with the unknown, and his ability to take complicated ideas and translate them into easy to understand lessons have made him a popular contributor to magazines, websites, and newspapers. His soon-to-be published books, are based on his popular keynote speeches and workshops to help people start doing, stop doing, and keep doing what they need to do to achieve excellence. Dr. Tinsley has also made many media appearances and been interviewed for several television programs, radio shows, websites, and magazines.


The Resourceful Businessman

Dr. Tinsley put himself through undergraduate and graduate school by working earning commission in sales. He consistently led his store, district, and region. He also worked as an office manager before opening his own practice within months of graduating and starting from scratch. He practiced for over two decades at three different locations. During that time he was an active member of the business community, participating on several boards of directors, and serving as president of many business groups.


The Thoughtful Physician

After regularly achieving the Dean's list and being awarded three separate academic scholarships, Dr. Tinsley opened his practice in 1993. For over 20 years, he stressed that the word "doctor" means teacher and believed that it was his duty to share his knowledge with his patients. He always took the time to educate his patients and challenged them to ask their doctors not, "What can you give me?" but, "What can you teach me?" His treatments promoted independence and encouraged patients to take an active part in their care. He took great pride in returning his patients to work, but with more drive and improved attitudes.


The Authentic Person

Dr. Tinsley was born and raised in the eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A career in speaking, coaching, and consulting is a natural choice because of his interest in the science of success, human performance, and personal achievement. He attended undergraduate school in Pittsburgh and received his professional health sciences graduate degree in Lombard, Illinois before returning to his hometown of Monroeville to practice. He is active in his church and in his community. Since 1997, he has been married to the love of his life, Connie. He is the proud father of a Monica who is a sophomore in college, and Kevin who is a senior in high school.

The Proven Results

After speaking to his patients one-at-a-time for over 20 years, Dr. Tinsley applies that same teaching philosophy and skill to working with audiences up to several hundred. More than 97% of his audience members commit to making positive changes as a result of his presentations.

Make no mistake - Dr. Tinsley does not do pep rallies or wellness programs. He provides high content, comprehensive programs to provide audiences with tips, tools, resources, and strategies to avoid distractions, remove obstacles, and overcome challenges that interfere with their success.

Dr. Tinsley travels from Monroeville/Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania and speaks throughout the United States.

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