Get Out of a Rut and Into a Groove

Mindless habits lead to unhealthy, unproductive, and unwanted results. Breaking bad habits and replacing them with deliberate rituals leads to intentional success and purposeful achievement.

Resolve Every Day

Resolutions are not wishes. They are commitments. Determination and willingness to do what you need to do and stop doing what you shouldn’t be doing are keys to success.

High Performance Rituals

The most successful people are proactive. Instead of putting themselves in situations that leave them unprepared and off-guard, they have daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly rituals that they follow which allow them to be in control of the situations that they encounter.

Work Smart, Play Hard, Rest Easy

The trouble with the quest for work-life balance is that life isn’t meant to be balanced, it’s meant to be lived. Instead, the focus should be on finding synergy, balancing priorities, and setting boundaries.


Leading with Vitality

Being a leader is hard work and it takes its toll emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. In this presentation, leaders will learn what they need to do to be more effective, avoid the wear and tear of leadership, and improve their quality of life.

Sales Vitality

Create a top sales team by making energy and vitality your competitive advantage. Good health and energy are essential to being a sales leader because healthy salespeople accomplish more. They have more energy which means that they make more calls and close more deals. Salespeople with vitality are more aware and alert which improves their ability to sell and to serve. They raise the bar of performance and sell more effectively.

Additional Keynotes, Workshops, and Breakout Sessions

As an informative, inspirational, and motivational speaker, Dr. Tinsley also offers several keynotes and workshops based on over 20 years of experience helping patients restore, maintain, and improve their health. He sees similarities in the challenges that this patients experienced and the challenges that individuals and organizations face ever day.

Setting and Achieving Goals

Increasing Productivity

Managing Time

Overcoming challenges

Dealing with change