A variety of topics and a number of different delivery formats are available to help you get the most out of your team.


Struggling to overcome challenges? Falling short of your goals? One-on-one or small group coaching is available.


Do you need help making sense of the issues that affect your bottom line? Effective strategies and are available to help you achieve more.

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Your organization's competitive advantage.

Dr. Tinsley's Vitalizational™ speaking programs aren't pep talks or wellness programs. They are comprehensive programs that provide teams throughout the United States with tips, tools, resources, and strategies to work with more intensity, focus and determination.

Be at the top of your game.

There are a number of benefits to Vitalizational™ coaching. Clients from as far away as Dubai notice increased performance and effectiveness, improved outlook and more resilience, better decision-making skills, increased confidence, and achievement of goals.


List of Professional Speaking Services

Dr. Tinsley can provide the following services.  Taking advantage of his expertise and his many abilities as a professional speaker and as an expert in human performance, the science of success, and personal achievement, he can add something special to your event and help you save on expenses.


Keynote Speaker or General Session Speaker

Dr. Tinsley can entertain and inform your audience as a general assembly speaker, plenary session speaker, opening session speaker, closing session speaker, breakfast session speaker, lunch session speaker, or dinner speaker. General session speeches generally run from 15 minutes to 2 hours and are addressed to your entire gathering. The keynote sets the tone for your meeting and Dr. Tinsley can customize a presentation to focus on your particular theme or message.


Breakout Speaker or Concurrent Session Presenter

Dr. Tinsley can provide special material throughout your event as a breakout speaker or concurrent session presenter. Presentations may be repeated over one or more days, or multiple topics may be presented. These mini-seminars may be eligible for continuing education or certification. Workbooks or other materials can be provided.


Partner and Youth Program Speaker

Activities or programs for guests, spouses, partners, or children of event registrants are available. Vitalizational™ principles and high performance rituals can be presented for partner and youth programs by Dr. Tinsley.


Panel Expert

Along with other personal improvement experts, Dr. Tinsley can provide a short speech on a topic or issue that fits the theme of your event. This can be followed by a question and answer session.


Moderator or Facilitator

Dr. Tinsley is available to moderate discussions by other personal improvement experts. He is also able to facilitate small group discussion and provide interactive exercises and direct the group conversation.


Host, Emcee or Master of Ceremonies

Dr Tinsley can provide customized fun and tailored humor to act as the host of your event. From introducing other presenters to tying the different sessions of your event together, he can preside over your event and help make sure that your attendees enjoy themselves.


Infomercial Host

Dr. Tinsley can help draw attention and generate interest in your success product or high performance service by hosting your infomercial.



By featuring Dr. Tinsley in your commercial for your personal improvement product or service, you can gain valuable publicity and gain credibility by association with a thought leader and expert.



Promote your public image by having Dr. Tinsley represent your personal improvement product or service by presenting speeches and seminars, providing media interviews, or making personal appearances on your behalf.


Corporate Wellness, Employee Wellness, or Workplace Wellness Speaker

Dr. Tinsley can help your employees take better care of themselves by presenting health, wellness, and fitness information that they can put into practice right away. Information about physical activity and exercise, diet and nutrition, stress management, getting enough rest, and more can help your workers have more energy, be more productive, miss less work, and help your company be more successful.


Promotional Seminar

Dr. Tinsley can present information about success and high performance directly to your customers. By using his expertise to promote your product or service at your location or your client’s location, you can gain the edge on your competition.


Virtual Seminars, Webinars, and Teleseminars

Using the latest technology, Dr. Tinsley can provide self-improvement information to your attendees remotely. Whether all or some of your audience is off-site, they will receive valuable information via telephone, web, teleconference, or videoconference.


Consulting, Coaching, Troubleshooting, and Professional Advice

Dr. Tinsley can provide special assistance for your achievement and performance needs.  He can evaluate your situation and offer customized solutions for improvement.


Self-Improvement Author and Writer

Dr. Tinsley can provide your audience with workbooks, books, CDs, DVDs, or other media. He can also help provide your organization with Vitalizational™ information through personalized manuals or co-authoring or editing your materials.


Training, In-House Seminars, and Workshops

Dr. Tinsley can conduct Vitalizational™ sessions for small or large groups, or one-on-one. These sessions can be provided in person or using remote technology to train employees in or demonstrate products.


Self-Improvement Retreats and Team Building Exercises

By using Vitalizational™ techniques and strategies together, you can strengthen your team and improve their creativity, their focus, and their energy levels while promoting teamwork. By allowing them access to the resources that they need to perform at their best and avoid burnout, they will perform better in everything that they do.


School Assemblies and Teacher In-Services

Dr. Tinsley can provide your teachers and students with the Vitalizational™ tips, tools, resources, and strategies that they need to be top performers and achieve success. Students perform better academically, have better behavior, and miss less school. Teacher, staff, and administration benefit from sound advice.

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