Dr. Marc Tinsley is in the "achieving success" business.  As The Vitalizational Speaker™, he takes the fear, difficulty, mystery, and confusion out of achieving success and self-improvement as he entertains, educates and inspires  you and your audience.  Because of his effective teaching style and real-world experience, he is in demand as a dynamic professional speaker and consultant for associations, schools, and businesses who want to stop losing money, have more energy, increase productivity, and be more successful.

During his 20 more than years of professional practice, Dr. Tinsley noticed the parallels between the challenges that his patients faced and the challenges his audience members experience in their daily lives, Dr. Tinsley developed keynotes, workshops, and team building programs based on Vitalizational™ - The Opposite of Burnout.  His programs provide actionable tactics and practical advice that people can put into practice right away.

In his high-content presentations, Dr. Tinsley shares his knowledge and experience about topics related to personal achievement and high performance. He uses real life examples and entertaining stories that audiences can relate to. Attendees also discover valuable tools and resources, and develop strategies for setting goals, making resolutions, being inspired to achieve excellence, and  staying motivated to be their best.

Dr. Tinsley travels from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and speaks throughout the United States.

Available Topics and Programs

Signature Program

Vitalizational™ - The Opposite Of Burnout

Create a more dynamic, disciplined, and determined team that overcomes challenges and is resistant to burnout.


Additional Programs

The Nice Bike

Are you waiting for the latest technology to help you perform better instead of improving your skill and honing your talent?

So What?

Stop making excuses and start looking for opportunities.

Don't Call Me A Workaholic

It's not a compliment.

What's Your MacGuffin?

A story about purpose and drive.

Resolve Every Day

Some people make resolutions for the new year. The most successful people make them every day.

Get Out Of Your Rut And Into A Groove

Break those mindless, bad habits and learn to develop purposeful, thoughtful rituals that lead to success.

Your Best Possible Self

Are you living up to the potential that your 8-year-old self and your 80-year-old self would approve of?

Work Smart, Play Hard, Rest Easy

Life isn't for balancing. Life is for living.