Are you struggling to maintain your energy and vitality. Is it a challenge to be productive and enthusiastic at work, at home, or at school? Are you unmotivated or getting burned out?

 The solution is Vitalizational™


Increase energy, enthusiasm, and focus.

 Dr. Tinsley promotes vitality, increases energy, and maximizes performance at work, at home, and at school using:

  • Practical tips

  • Useful tools

  • Helpful resources

  • Proven strategies

  • Real solutions

Vitalizational™ Keys:

Motivation – Developing goals that are autonomous, self-determined, and are a source of intrinsic drive.

Inspiration – Cultivating a sense of purpose and vision that is compatible with the mission and culture of the organization.

Education – Sustaining a sense of curiosity, a desire for continual learning, and personal/professional development.

Activation – Maintaining adequate physical activity to promote wellness and functional fitness.

Sustentation – Providing the body with proper nourishment and essential sources of energy and vitality.

Adaptation – Managing stress, building resilience to challenges, and creating resistance to the demands of leadership.

Imagination – Supporting creativity, fostering ingenuity, and encouraging resourcefulness.

Rejuvenation – Encouraging sufficient rest and relaxation to maintain and restore energy.

Exploration – Taking calculated risks, being willing to gamble and seeking challenges outside of a comfort zone.

Celebration – Living and working in environments that are fun and amusing while creating a culture of joy that permeates families, communities, and organizations.

Promote Vitality —> Increase Energy —> Improve Productivity —> Maximize Performance —> Achieve Excellence


Keynotes * Breakouts * Workshops * In-services * Retreats * Team Building  
Webinars * Coaching * Consulting



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Dr. Marc Tinsley - Professional Speaker - Motivational Speaker - Health, Wellness, and Fitness ExpertDr. Marc Tinsley is the Vitalizational Speaker™ and the founder of Fitness For The Rest of Us™.  A professional member of the National Speakers Association, he is a dynamic, effective, and in-demand speaker who helps people remove the obstacles that interfere with their health, their happiness, and their success. Dr. Tinsley sees parallels between the challenges that he helped his patients overcome and the challenges all business people face in today’s busy, competitive marketplace, and that is the central message he delivers. His funny and informative presentations deliver practical information and audience members leave with actionable items that they can put into practice right away. He’s a hit with audiences from all types of associations, schools, and corporations.  His interactive and amusing style engages the audience, helping them feel comfortable as he delivers inspiring and supportive messages to help them build resiliency, increase energy, improve productivity, maximize performance, and achieve excellence.

Vitalization – The act or process of vitalizing, or infusing physical and mental vitality and vigor. To animate or bring to life. To promote a lively or energetic quality. To give something the power or capacity to live, develop, or be successful. To bestow the power to endure.

Dr. Marc Tinsley is The Vitalizational Speaker™.  An inspiring and motivational speaker, he removes the fear, difficulty, mystery, and confusion and replaces it with motivation, inspiration, education, and activation so that we can start doing, stop doing, or keep doing what we need to do to be more healthy, more productive, and more successful at home, at work, and at school.

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